Kombo Itindi covers a total surface area of 4,011.04km2 which consist of two main land bodies called Erong peninsula and Riari Island which are linked by several rivers which are Ndo Ndian, Ovi Ivam, Ewafe and Moko with streams that act as the main routes of transportation for the people. The streams are not fit for drinking since they are regularly characterized by household and human waste. The soils are sandy in nature accompanied with mud making it not suitable for agriculture. Kombo Itindi is located within the proposed Ndongore national park surrounded by and evergreen ecosystem. There is abundant marine life with seasonal movements and habitat. Mangrove covers more than 90% of the area and is gradually cleared down especially around the fishing ports for the construction of houses and firewood for fish drying.


The socio economic situation embodies fishing which is the main economic activity, trading, exploitation, trading craftsmanship, tourism and leisure, and agriculture. The council has created seven (7) through municipal deliberation and these beaches are found in barracks, Ngosso, uche asod, usehuyah ofagah, kombo adibo, ngoboko and macualey. The deliberation also spelled out fees for services at the beaches being boat landing (1000 FRS), anchoring fee (3000 FRS) and boat offloading is 1000 FRS. These economic activities are elaborated below;

  • Fishing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and exploitation
  • Trading and Trading
  • Craftsmanship
  • Touring and leisure

It has a total population of 26,125 inhabitants – 7588 are men, 8111 are women and 10466 are children. Nigerians comprise of 95% of this population made of tribes like ibiobios, orons, ijaws, and 5% are of Cameroonian ethnicity compose of the masakas and batekas of Isangele. The entire population comprise of fishermen and women with high level of mobility between Nigeria and the municipality.


The main activity of the people is fishing which constitute about 95% of the total population. Movement of persons and goods within the area is mostly by boat and trading is conducted primarily with Nigeria, Ekondo Titi and Idenau. Other activities of the area include livestock and animal rearing, exploitation (collection of periwinkles, crude oil and forest exploitation)


Accessibility to the villages in the area is through the creeks or by high sea (maritime transport)  most of the villages are located at 0m – 5m above sea level with many swampy critical point due to the nature if the sea. A total distance of about 100 kilometers (1 hour on speed boat only) distance from Mundemba.


We are open to national and international investors. We offer a broad range of investment opportunities in terms of vast  Fishing Area , Mangrove, Access to international markets via sea and a lot more

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